Torrid Announces Plus Size Bridal Collection

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Torrid, aka the hipper mall based plus size shop, recently launched a bridal collection available online at The collection features dresses (from $140 to $220), lingerie, and accessories (like the hat shown above).

While the accessories are pretty cute (if anyone decides to get the wedding hat shown above, PLEASE send us a photo… I just love that hat), $220 is pretty pricey for a dress from Torrid, especially considering the questionable quality of some of their garments.

Shop Torrid’s Bridal Collection

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  • Trina

    I think it may be the dress that I wore for my wedding. I bought it from Torrid. I am not sure though since I only see the straps of it. I am not sure how to upload a picture on here so comment with your email address or something and I can send it to you…

    And I actually loved my dress. I would leave the bridal parlors in tears because they didnt have anything for me to try on and I am plus sized but not insanely plus sized. I am a size 16/18. It was beautiful and not cheaply made. My only problem with it was that it was sorta see through and pretty low cut so it was difficult to find a slip to wear under it but other then that, it was great!

  • carhornsinapril

    Questionable quality aside, $220 is INSANELY cheap for a wedding gown. Even David’s Bridal prices are rarely that low.

    I love the hat, too; I’m considering wearing a similar blusher veil like that for my wedding.

  • mickeymousears

    I use to love Torrid… now their clothes seem tacky and inappropriate; I can only imagine what their bridal line looks like!

  • CaitlinV

    ooh, i LOVE that hat too!! It reminds me of <a href:“>these amazing wedding photos </a>. Everything else looks pretty chintzy and tacky though, I have to say. Cheap bunchy white satin – pass! I feel like you could find a much nicer dress for $200 if you bought one second-hand/vintage or a pretty white dress that wasn’t necessarily a “wedding” dress (Nordstrom has lots).