Topshop in New York, Plus Size Sister Store to Soon Follow

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After years of speculation, TopShop, the British version of H&M, has signed a lease for it’s first US store to be located at 480 Broadway (Broadway & Broome in SOHO) in New York City. The store recently gain worldwide fame for partnering with supermodel Kate Moss on her line of surprisingly cute clothing. Also word is that TopShop’s parent group, Arcadia,  is looking to bring it’s high fashion plus size stores, Evans Plus size, to the US as well. Word to Lane Bryant- better step up your game because Evans has great plus size items

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  • I also found may plus size store on members here are very active. I get the latest fashion news in its blog.

  • Suz

    I’ll be curious to see what their US prices are given how weak the dollar is. Top Shop is great but not at double its British pricepoint.

  • 1. I have been following Evans for a very long time. Obviously you haven’t been following Lane Bryant for a while

    2. H&M;is the closest thing in America to Topshop—Forever 21 is a big step below, Zara and Mango are only in a few places in US, Mexx closed, etc.

    Remember over 30,000 people a day read TBF and a majority do not live in NY.

  • Kiki

    NO. WAY. This is music to my ears. I still have daydreams of Topshop from five years ago when I was last in London. The lights. The bright colors. The floor full of denim. The accessories. THE SHOES. Oh my god, the shoes…

    And, I still have all the items I purchased there, all in good shape. A leather jacket, a denim miniskirt, the perfect plain white tee. The clothes are trendy AND resilient. I’m going to hop a plane home to NYC as soon as it opens!

  • AMN

    Just a note: Topshop is NOT the UK version of H&M;…we have H&M;too. They do, however, have a lot in common.

  • Ponytail

    You obviously haven’t been following Evans’ ranges for long ! Yes, this season is brilliant but I’ve avoided it for the last five years as the clothes were so tacky and baggy. Fifteen different styles of tissues and not a decent pair of work trousers !
    But this season – wow ! The raincoats are fab and there are some really nice tops.

  • Deandrea

    Yay!  I’m always on the lookout for stores for us sisters of size.

  • london girl

    TopShop is certainly not the “british version of H&M;’. I’m a happy H&M;shopper but TopShop is on a different level. Topshop is considered to be the most fashion forward and cutting edge shop amongst the Eglish High Street shops. I’ve moved from London to New York and hearing this news is like music to my ears. Top Shop – although not super cheap is the mecca for budget fashionistas out there. Hurrah!

  • juliette

    Is there someone we can e-mail to encourage them to open the plus size store?  H&M;discontinued their plus size line quite a while ago, so someone with large size fashions that are reasonably priced and reasonably well made would be a great addition.  Lane Bryant is just not that good to me.  The plus size offerings have thinned (no pun intended) in recent years – very sad.