Top Winter Fashion Trends For Less

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If there is one season wherein functionality and fashion must not be mutually exclusive, it has got to be the winter. So from boots to scarves, to jackets, we take a look at five of the top winter fashion trends,plus how to pull them off without spending your entire holiday pay on it.

Get These Top Winter Fashion Trends on a Dime!

Maxi Dress Holds Its Own For Evening

Maxi Dress
You can have maximum fun in maxi dresses with styling for evening wear. Bloomingdale’s put  this dress on sale online for $59.

The maxi dress with glitz on it, or not, can save you some of the money you might have spent for a gown for a holiday, nighttime event. Many of the maxi dresses cost way under $100, while a gown can start at that price and move upward to four figures. Bloomingdales has a sale on maxi dresses–some were under $60.00, but they were going fast. The styling makes the maxi dresses look far from just a long tank dress worn as at a beach party. Some have a defined waistlines, but each of the maxi dresses in solid colors has the potential to be dressed up with jewelry and become   a cheap shoo-in for a gown.

The Scarf That’s Always Around

Nordstrom's sells this infinity scarf online in a wide selection of colors for $28.
Nordstrom sells this infinity scarf online in a wide selection of colors for $32.

The infinity scarves worn this winter have gotten bigger and bigger. Nordstrom is selling a scarf with a whopping 84-inch inner circumference.  You can ring it around and around for warmth outdoors and for styling indoors. But Budget Fashionistas out there, please indulge us to make a footnote here about the infinity scar. We  now feel the infinity scarf deserved a spot in our recent 15 Best Fashion Trends of All Time. Maybe it could have replaced  the gown on the list.

After all, the infinity scarf seems to be the ultimate replacement for the large scarf folded in a triangle and tied or draped every which way on the neck for a bib-like look in front. The infinity scarf simplified the task of configuring a scarf for that look, ensuring no need to tie up loose ends.

Cashmere Heats It Up

H&M sells this cashmere sweater for $59.95 in four colors,
H&M sells this style cashmere sweater online for $59.95 in several colors.

What’s winter without something cashmere to warm us up ?  Gloves, hats,  socks scarves or sweaters all provide softness against the skin along with the warmth. But this premium fabric doesn’t  come cheap. Any  cashmere sweater costing about $75 and under is a decent deal., a Canadian-based retailer, sells women’s sweaters for $79.00 in more than a dozen shades. H&M can better that with sweaters carrying a $59.95 price tag.

This cashmere hat from HM may be just what you need to for warmed-up ears.
Your ears will thank you for this cashmere hat  in the winter. It’s also online from H&M, selling  for $24.95.

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  • As the chilling winters start to arrive, fashion freak women may get worried about their fashionable attire to be covered up with loads of sweaters. Weight conscious ladies scare wearing sweaters that may give them a fat look. But for all the ladies out there, the great news is waiting for them. The winter clothing is now much advanced in order to create a fashionable trendy look even in the cool breeze.