Top Ten Fall Beauty Trends

Beyond khakis, cords and crunching leaves, styling Autumn’s crisp temperatures and classic palette requires wrangling a few fall beauty trends to keep it all looking contemporary. Freshening up Fall’s harvest hues and traditional textiles is easy with these tips and tricks stolen straight from the runway. Read on for ten top hair and makeup trends to try out this season.

Top Fall Beauty Trends

Doll-Like Lashes

Doll-Like Lashes

When a barely-there beauty routine wants to make a real impact, it’s all about intense lashes. Scoop up lengthening mascaras, faux strips or individual falsies to create full, thick lash lines that give a doll-like and doe-eyed stare.



A modern spin on Spring and Summer’s long and whispy braid trends, tight corn-rows keeps hair up and out of the face for tailgate weekends, windy days and snow storms. Next-level circular milk-maid braids ala McQueen and half-up/half-down looks showcase the face and any of the other trends tried here.

Icy Liners

Icy Liner

Designers ditched basic black liners–and so should you. Bright white on the bottom lash line and silver metallic tops give eyes an icy cool makeover to match the festive season ahead, while complementing natural shadows and full lashes.


Melissa is creative communication professional with 9+ years of experience writing for the beauty and fashion industries.