Six Great Online Swap Sites

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Recycling is in-not only in terms of the environment, but also in terms of fashion—and these sites are leading the online swapping community. Before trading your goods, you need to know a few things: be careful swapping used make-up, always ask for clear photos to help you assess the quality of the garment you’re swapping, and make sure you understand the shipping fees and dispute policies of the site. Possibly the most stylish-looking of the swap sites we’ve visited, is also probably the most well-known and frequently used. Super easy to navigate, categories include accessories, apparel, shoes, maternity, cosmetics, and even books. We found everything from a Macy’s party dress (value: $13) to a Prada handbag (value $1,200), and items can be for swap, for sale, or both. You have to register to use the site, but the registration process is pretty painless—to list items, however, there’s a subscription fee (apparently $20 per year, but the first year is free . . . ) MyFashionSwap comes in a close section in terms of LOOKING like a fashion site, but of course a pretty package isn’t everything. We like this site—particularly the no-fee-basic-membership (you’ll pay small fees if you choose to utilize things like front-page or category features for their items)—but the number of items available at the time we browsed was pretty darn limited, and the browsing through pages was a bit frustrating as they didn’t always load properly after page 1. Hmmm. Still, the items we DID manage to view included things from BCBG, Theory, Marc Jacobs, etc. So we’ll try to be patient. Totally user-friendly, strips away all the fancy (read: useless) bells and whistles with a simple search or browse format, which brings you to pages with clickable thumbnails for de-lightful swap items like Stuart Weitzman heels and Marc Jacobs jackets. Listings give you all the basics—color, size, condition, etc. The selection is quite limited, but when the items are really good, it’s worth an occasional browse to see if you can find something in your size . . .
Rehash. Rehash takes an environmentally-friendly position on item swapping and, well, who can argue? Regardless of the angle, Rehash is primarily about books and clothing, and if you don’t mind browsing, we saw plenty of cute stuff to swap. There’s also a forum and a “question and answer” page, if you want to, well, talk about swapping, we guess. Makeup swapping? Sounds gross, right? Well, fortunately the idea of MakeUpAlley’s swap page is to swap all those hardly-used makeup and beauty items you bought that weren’t what you’d hoped, which, at least in theory, sounds like a reasonable idea. Maybe. While we’re not certain we’ll be using this particular swap site, we just wanted you to know the option was out there—the decision to swap lipgloss with a total stranger is ultimately up to you (in the FAQs, they do recommend only swapping unused mascara. Right.) This is not a fashion/apparel swap site, but we’re pretty sure that all of us probably have other stuff cluttering up our closets (and basements, and lives) we’d like to swap out—on ChanceXChange, that means CDs, movies, books, games, and a few random miscellaneous items. So, if you have some oldies but goodies you’d like to unload—and/or you’re desperately seeking a copy of “The Santa Cause: It’s a Punk Rock Xmas” (seriously, it’s on there)—it’s totally free to register and swap so you have nothing to lose.

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  • Nicole

    Hi all, i live in NYC and would personally like to swap some of my items for a camera or a sewing machine. Would anyone know where to go? or what website to use? please let me know.

  • Another makeup swapping site is https://Dotfullydotcom. Different from makeupalley, Dotfully is a newer site and different business model based on points. The more makeup I “give” to others, I earn points that I can use to get other people’s unused and brand new makeup. A lot of big expensice brand names on there and the site has great reviews. Unfortunately, it only ships within the US.

  • Heather

    Here’s a great site for swapping stuff that you might find useful…no $$, and always nifty items. I love this group! Haven’t bought new clothes for my kids in two years — I get them here for free! Plus I get beauty products, shoes, homemade jam, computer gadgets. It’s a great way to save!

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  • I love thredup, you can swap everything on it. well not really swap, you have to list a box of whatever you want to swap and in return you get credit for a pick so you can use it to pick a box of stuff you want. check it out it’s really cool
    My Invitations

  • Loren

    If you want to belong to a live swap group (not a website) in the NYC area, you can check out the ones on I organize two; Five Boroughs Clothing Swap for a casual and inexpensive experience, and S.W.A.P.P. – a higher end, and more exclusive swapping party group. Both groups are for gals only and attendance is good so there’s a lot to choose from. Specifics are available to members only so to join up visit our web pages on and

  • Michelle is a great simple clothing swap site I have found. I’ve used them for a while now and it’s very easy. You should check it out.

  • Clothing swaps dot com is the BEST organization for clothing swaps. I attend them very often!

    These Swaps are glamorous events with cocktails, complimentary spa treats, and raffle prizes. All unclaimed items go to local charity. Admission is only $20.

  • ThriftyChick

    I love your tips for saving money!  Swapping is a great idea!

    Similarly, I also take things to my local consignment shop and then use my store credit from my old items selling to purchase new ones!  Its a great way to get nice clothes cheap!

    ~ Rhonda

  • Lovelee_79


    I have personally done swaps on and I think its great. Most girls are really good about what items they will swap, meaning they usually are as sanitary as possible and a lot of items have never even been opened. And hey, if there’s something that’s a little too icky for you, then don’t swap, you can always say no. But its a good place to get rid of some of the half used lotions, potions or unused freebies you have and try some new products before you invest your own money in them. By the way…lots of girls offer to swap other things too, from clothing, to CDs, to candles, so its not all makeup either.