Top Fall 2009 Beauty Trends: Makeup

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Wondering what the beauty gods will have you try this season? We have the answers! Here are the top fall, 2009 beauty trends to try.

1. Smoky/Intense/Dramatic Eyes

Smoky eyes have been de riguer for some time now, but for fall 2009, beauty mavens are kicking it up a notch with bold lines (think dark smudgy kohls or defining black liner) and deep color (dark purples and blues are hot). This is not a workplace-friendly look, so if you do indulge (and quite frankly, we suggest you do) keep it softer for day with some subtle gray shadows and kick it up for evening by adding some sweeping color and dark definition all around …

2. Nude Lips

Nude lips
With bold hair and eyes the order of the season, lips will sometimes take a back seat. We’re not talking just a slick of gloss and no color (like we were apt to enjoy all summer long). Nope, the look now is intentional nude color. That means lipsticks that are matte or with a very subtle shine, and stand-out pale.

3. Red Lips

Red lips
This is typical of the contrary world of style — tell us nude lips are IT, and then throw some bold, look-at-me red lips in the mix. We love options, however, and red lips are both classic and edgy. Plus, they pop against the neutral palettes of fall fashion. No shiny maraschino cherry reds here though — deep, sophisticated color, kept matte and tasteful.

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  • Hi,
    Whenever I wear makeup I tend to focus on my eyes. So I’m basically clueless when it comes to lip make up except lip gloss.Anyhow I’m only 16 so I’m not looking for lipstick for everyday use, but for special occasions. This past week I was at an event where I realized a little lip color would have benefited my outfit.But I’m clueless on what colors would look good on me. Everytime I’ve worn lipstick in the past it’s looked pretty bad. I’ve used nude colors which made me look creepy and light pinks which looked kinda trashy. Should i go for browns? Reds? Which colors look best for my tan skin tone?

  • joliemisek

    While I love this look, I wore this back in the 80’s. Not a great look for those of us more mature gals.

  • sueb

    About 4 years ago I was doing the smokey eye look but I was still hooked on having a bright color on my lips then my husband recommended that a more natural or nude color on my lips would look much better to him, he was right. Don’t get me wrong, beautiful shades of red and other shades look great too, but for me I fell in love with the nude lip and smokey eyes, also I was at my local drugstore the other day looking for a different shade of nail color, and I found the grey shades, they look so new and great, can’t wait to try them !! Thumbs up to the fashionistas who think outside the box !!