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Popular blog community sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, etc can be a great resource for bargain hunters looking to score online coupons and deals. A search for shopping related terms (bargain, shopping, deal, coupons) can turn up a wide range of results, meaning it’s up to you to sort through them to find what you want—however, they also turn up results you might not get by using a search engine like Google (at least not in the top 50 results). Our top sites? Try these: is a popular and simple to use community site. A quick search for “coupons” turned up several new sites. We also like this link that popped up (in the form of a “StumbleUpon Coupons” button to the right of our search) which took us to a page with links to a whole bunch of retailer coupons including Bloomingdale’s, Chadwick’s, Aeropostale, and many more. We searched “coupons” here, as well, and came up with a completely different, but equally useful list, for everything from groceries to online coupon code portals to sites with specific store coupons and deals. Searching Technorati gives us the most specific results (“coupons” led us directly to blogs featuring “Kenneth Cole coupons,” “Borders coupons”, etc.) and also turns up informational articles on our topic which, if you have the time to browse, could lead you to even more great money saving tips. Much like the sites above, Digg is another place where members earmark (here they call it “digg”) sites and blogs; the number of diggs received is noted next to the listing title, and in theory, the more diggs the better. Well, that’s relatively subjective but it’s nice to have some kind of barometer against which to measure the bazillion results we got when we searched for “coupons.” And, quite frankly, we didn’t actually find any valid coupons (we were pleased to discover a few moments later we could sort by “newest first”—phew. And while we STILL didn’t find any actual coupons, we did find articles and posts about coupons, discounts, savings, that we think would probably save us a buck or two upon further scrutiny. We’re honestly not 100 percent sure what this community is supposed to be all about—the front page is a bit of a mystery in terms of style and focus—however, there was a search box, and when we entered the term “coupons” it gave us a a few links to coupon pages from a variety of online retailers (from Kellogg’s to Huggies to Pillsbury) but nothing specifically apparel-related. When we typed in apparel coupons, we got a few, along with some links to discount stores like and Not earth-shattering, but a possibility. Calling itself “the blogger social network”, Blogcatalog seems to have a pretty broad base, and of course, a search function—so we entered our search term “coupons” and came up with plenty. What we liked is how Blogcatalog breaks it down—instead of one long list of hits, they’re divided into categories like “directory”, “blog posts”, “social searches”, and “discussions” so you can pick which category suits your needs best (“directory” is where found the actual coupon pages, but “blog posts” could be useful in directing you to things not listed elsewhere, and “discussions” might allow you to ask other shoppers for tips on finding great deals). Not our top pick, but this no-frills blog community did turn up some coupon and bargain sites when we searched, so if you’re really struggling to find something, it might be worth a look. However, some of the blog results were “locked”—so we couldn’t view them unless we signed in. Meaning we actually had to register. Meaning, well, some of us might not want to bother. This is a Yahoo!-based blog community, so it’s members tend to be not quite as obscure as some of those on, say—and our coupon search turned up a whole bunch of blogs devoted to the topic, many of which appeared to be current and legit (a pitfall, quite frankly, of depending on the highly-unregulated world of bloggers). Worth a look. Not so much a community as a portal for blog postings on all kinds of topics (and we do mean all kinds). Including, as it turns out, coupons. A few anyway. However, when we searched “discounts” and “bargains” we got the heads up on a few more deals, so if you have a minute it couldn’t hurt to look—you might save some money, even if it’s not on anything fashionable. We got a free sandwich from Arby’s, for example. We’ll take it.

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