Fashion Advice: Am I too Old for My Style?

Dear Budget Fashionista,
I’m having a hard time nailing down my personal style.  I’m 26, have a 10-month-old, and am not sure if my style needs some updating.  I’m attracted to the whole urban style – jeans, T-shirts, junior-style clothing.  But should I try to be more sensible than that since I’m getting older?
Answer: Don’t stop shopping at your favorite stores- just shop differently. Age is only one very small part of your personal style. Personal style incorporates your lifestyle, your geographical location, your occupation, etc. As a relatively new mom, you may not want to dress like an Olsen twin, but you can, and SHOULD, continue to rock the urban trekker style.
You should practice what I call the B+T rule- which is pairing your trendy (yellow top) pieces with a basic piece (jeans). For example instead of wearing the tank alone, pair it with nice jean jacket. Pair that graphic tee and camoflauge pant with a nice black blazer. Instead of buying a pair of three inch short-shorts, purchase a pair of slightly longer 5 inch shorts.  Upgrade from Marc by Marc Jacobs to Marc Jacobs. Skip the skinny mini dresses and head straight for the cute swing jackets at stores like Forever 21.
P.S. 26 is not old!!
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