The Prom Shoe: High Vs. Low

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Prom is a great excuse to treat yourself to a pair of super glam (and generally impractical) pair of shoes. Might as well go all out with some serpentine, rhinestone embellished sandals—but can you get the look for less? Yep. Here’s a test—we’ve picked two versions: one would not fit into any prom budget in our known universe, the other will still look stellar without cleaning you out. So which is which?

On the right, the pricey pick, a Rene Caovilla Crystal Snake Sandal, $955, from Saks Fifth Avenue; on the left, a perfectly servicable (and kind of fab looking) budget version, the Serpent Sandal, on sale for $49.99, at Bakers.

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  • BigGirlBlue

    I think these shoes look virtually identical (at least from the picture). I would go with the cheaper version just to spend more on a dress. 🙂

    I love prom shoes. They all have this Cinderella glow to them!

  • Target-Addict

    I agree with thatgirljj; the expensive version looks too rigid, as if the straps are actually made of metal and would cut into your feet.  Ouch!

  • thatgirljj

    Honestly?  The Baker’s one looks more comfortable.  The heel is slightly lower and the shape of the vamp looks more comfy as well.