The Look for Less: Kitschy Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels can add fun and function. Below we have some of our favorite fun finds for under $10. But if you are looking strictly for function keep these tips in mind…

  • Waffle weaves are best for hand drying and cleaning heavy spills.


  • To add some shine to your glass, go with a simple plain weave.


  • Also, don’t use fabric softener when you dry your towels. It inhibits the absorbency and leaves behind streaks on glass or your glasses.

Here are our favorite kitschy kitchen towel finds for less!
These vintage day-of-the-week towels from Martha Stewart Home are on sale for $8.99.

Coffee, tea, or me–what ever you choose, these Henry Road towels are a fun way to add style to your kitchen and at $10 each, they aren’t such a bad deal either.

Someone has to set a bad example, and you should do it with these super fun towels, $6.50 each, from Vintage Lucy. Browse the Etsy store for more great finds.

Vintage Moda Home towels (pictured at the beginning of the post) can be bought in a set of 4 for $20 from Give Simple. That’s $5 each! The best deal of them all!

If you don’t like these, here are some great places to find your own unique vintage towels:

  • Ebay




  • Your local thrift store


  • Your grandma’s creepy basement


  • Garage sales


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