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There’s a secret to managing your holiday shopping without busting your budget. Here’s my fair warning. Once I tell you what that secret is, you may be disappointed. But I’m going to ask you to stick with me to the end anyway, because I have more than one secret to share.

Affordable holiday shopping is all about planning. (I know what you’re thinking. Really? Can’t you do better than that?) The thing is, planning comes in many forms. Your way of planning might involve regular monthly transfers to your savings account to build up your holiday shopping fund. Or maybe you make your holiday list at the beginning of the year, and buy a set number of presents each month.

If you’re someone who plans ahead, then Kmart’s online layaway program is worth a look. While layaway programs used to be commonplace, they’ve become pretty scarce in recent years. Kmart is one of the only large retailers to continue offering layaway programs — and we’re glad they do.

Kmart layaway allows you to pick items online or in-store, and pay for them over a period of time. This works for you as long as you’re the gal who gears up for holiday shopping early.

What You Should Know About Layaway

Know-this #1: You can put many, but not all items from on layaway. Categories include toys, home products, women’s fashion and electronics. Read on for tips on how to find women’s fashion items that can be purchased on layaway.

Know-this #2: You can initiate a layaway contract with no money down, now through November 29.

Know-this #3: Only Kmart and Sears offer layaway year-round on a wide array of products.

How to Find Layaway Items Online

As noted, Kmart’s online layaway is a great option for budget fashionistas — as long as you know what to do. Frankly, without some guidance, you may end up a bit frustrated. For that reason, I’m delivering a step-by-step for finding women’s fashion items available for layaway on Note that I documented these steps when I initiated my own Kmart layaway plan.

1. Go to

2. Focus on the right brands. displays products for sale from both Sears and Kmart, but if you’re shopping on, only the Kmart items will have the layaway option. You can find layaway-friendly products in two ways.

  1. Search or Kmart-specific brands.
  2. Look for pieces that are available for pickup at a Kmart near you.

The first option, looking at the right brands, will yield a larger selection of options. For women’s fashion, those brands are: Attention, Jaclyn Smith, Adam Levine, Nicki Minaj and Joe Boxer. You can a search like “women’s cardigans” and then use the brand filter on the lower left side of the screen to narrow your search results to those brands.

3. Add items to your cart.

I’m a big fan of cardigans. They extend your summer wardrobe into the cooler seasons and they’re oh-so-versatile. They’re also easy to buy as gifts, because the sizing can be forgiving.

For two special fashionistas (my twin daughters) in my life, I chose this olive cardigan. Yes, I bought two of them. I love the shape and structure of this sweater. It holds its shape like a soft jacket, and can be paired with jeans or a soft, a-line skirt.

woman wearing olive green cardigan

4. Select the layaway option.

The layaway option shows up either on the product page itself or once you’re in the shopping cart. Once you see that option, choose it and follow the steps to initiate your layaway plan.

screen shot of Kmart layaway option

5. Read and accept the payment plan.

This is straightforward – take a look at the suggested payment amounts and timing to make sure they work with your budget.

screenshot of kmart layaway

6. Make your payments as scheduled.

Once you pay off the item, you’ll get an email with the tracking number for each item as it ships. And, since you’ve stuck with me this far, I have one more secret for you. Layaway items still qualify for free shipping and other discount offers readily available on Are you ready to go shopping?

For more information on starting your holiday shopping early with Kmart layaway, visit

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