Temporary Tattoos from CHANEL Now Available

What: Remember back when we thought temporary tattoos were going to take off? Although they didn’t, CHANEL is trying to bring back the trend. For $75, you can now purchase a sheet of 55 hand-drawn CHANEL-inspired designs, which can be mixed and matched. The temporary tattoo artist is CHANEL Makeup’s global creative director, Peter Phillips.

What Chanels-Temporary-Tats-Now-Available-7444282″>BellaSugar.com Says:

Created by Peter Philips, Chanel‘s global creative director, and inspired by the luxury brand’s Spring 2010 ready-to-wear collection, the skin transfers, featuring decorative designs like pearls, chains, sparrows, blossoms, and the famous Chanel logo, are available now for a limited time at Chanel.com and Chanel boutiques and makeup studios.

What We Say: We wish we could buy one or two tattoos instead of all 55 at once. However, $75 bucks for tattoo? Is this the new face of “affordable” luxury?

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