Target’s New Furniture Collection

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I am always looking for fabulously cheap items to add to my furniture from the “IKEA” collection.  Target has recently expanded their furnishing section and this is just one of several pieces—at $169.99 it is almost as cheap as Goodwill or Salvation (Is it just me or does it seem like thrifts store furniture is getting to be expensive?).  At least you won’t have to worry about any odd stains.

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  • lesley keepingit

    Problem with Ikea is that you don’t get to see how long it wears in the store.. Having lived with the fall away ghost town prop up sheds for shelfs, oh no girls do not buy IKEA books shelves for books they don’t work, they sag, and they are trash. Truly cheapo cardboard overpriced trash. Honey’s a real fashionista would repurpose old ugly good shelves, get grandmas, paint em gold or turquoise show them some love, it will look 20 times hotter because they were given a touch of your unique time.