Target to Sell Discount Designer HandBags?

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Last week, I received an email from a reader regarding Target’s selling of REAL (not bridgelines/lower price lines) of designer handbags.  Now, I haven’t seen these bags at any of the Targets I’ve been to in the NJ-CT-NY area, so I need for you guys to send in your thoughts if you’ve spotted the bags at your local Target.  Please post a comment below regarding what brands they’re carrying, the price ranges, where they’re located, etc. I will also try and contact my peeps ( or if you work for Target feel free to post the answer below) at Target to find out if this is a pilot program at select Targets or if they plan on rolling it out nationwide.

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  • hi everyone i live in maryland and i have yet to see one however target is not on my most popular store list but i intend to check it out. I say if you can find a bargain and the quality is there girlfriend you know what you like.I have a lot of coaches and dooney’s and i am not going to stop carrying mines because target is selling them if i don’t like i don’t buy besides i have a lot of money invested i am going to rock it at those prices. have fun girls be safe.

  • Ashleyroark

    While I agree that selling coach (or any other high end product) at a cheaper price, giving that they lower the cost of the product by using cheaper materials to sell at target I do not agree that this is a bad thing. If you want the quality go to coach and buy a LEATHER bag….the quality is still great and as long as you don’t fall for the trendy fabric bag you are buying a top quality bag. Coach has never and will never be a top designer (like louis vuitton or chanel) and that is why everyone has a Coach. But they are a great quality bag that lasts a long time and is classic no matter the situation. Target, by selling these designers, is giving people the opportunity to have a designer bag at an affordable price, and what is wrong with that??? So for anyone who has said that Coach is selling out and cheapening its name just remember that you don’t have to buy it. By coach doing this they are expanding their clientele so one day (when they can afford a Coach bag that isn’t from Target, they will have customers who will keep their company alive!

  • lena

    remember when members only jackets were the hit until i started noticing that some were made in indonesia,vietnam,and other poor countries.  I won’t be surprised if it the same with coach.
    i remember in the eighties, cheap poorly made rebops were sold in a sears dept. store in a highly black populated area

  • Dot

    I couldn’t agree more with the comment posted by ebony.
    What a bunch of snotty women. Knock yourselves out if you want to over pay for a name. When it’s all said and done it’s still only a handbag.
    I love a great deal and would definitely buy one if I were a Coach fan. Coach is at the bottom of the true designer list even without Target selling them.
    Target has way too many great lawyers to get caught up in trying to pass items for the real thing. They don’t need the headache.
    Face it Target is not Walmart.

  • april

    Hello, just some info related to Target selling Coach goods.  I purchased two signature wallets- originally $125.00, reduced on clearance for 50% off to just under $63.00.  The associate informed me that her store was one of about 80? test stores nationwide and that many of them had not only received Coach, but Dooney and Prada as well.  While walking the aisle in the mens dept, there was a rack full of TOMMY HILFIGER shirts.  I had to stop and look again.  What a surprise.

  • ebony

    Hey I haven’t seen Coach in Target where I live yet but if I do I might purchase one.  As long as it looks nice and doesn’t look cheap.  You females sound so snobby and material who cares if Target is selling Coach bags.  So if you want to go buy one for 400.00 somewhere else instead of a discounted price do that.  I feel that you should not degrade Target because they are selling a designer bag for females that choose not to go broke just to show off like some of you!

  • Angelina Le

    I think we should contact Coach’s public relation to let them know that they chepen their own qualities and products. I owned several
    Coach bags and after reading this, i dont want to wear them at all.

  • rita

    this is part of Target’s “The Find” program.  They buy closeout or damaged goods like Marshalls or TJMaxx and are selling them in Target stores.  Its always really old product that did not sell well in higher stores like Macy’s or Dillards.  100% real.  100% last season

  • Deanna

    Agreed with Fatemeh. I’m not going to go into Target and pick up a Coach bag along with toothpaste. It makes Coach look bad to be selling things in Target, a cheap store. If it’s true, I probably won’t be able to look at Coach the same. What a pity.

  • Fatemeh

    I live in southern orange county and the store in foothill ranch had it. i felt as if i was staring at a car accident. i could not take my eyes off of it. Coach is being worn by nearly everyone i see, but i live in orange county and that is the norm. However- target selling coach makes target look better. And in order for target to look better coach has to look crappy. People who wear the coach name wear it because it makes them feel like they have something quality that is harder to get than toothpaste. when they sell coach in the same store that there’s hemorrhoid creams, toothbrushes, tampons, and $10 handbags it makes me think twice about what coach stands for. Coach definitely cheapened its name by letting its product get sold in an all purpose store that also sells no brand cheap items.

    this last christmas the costco a.k.a the priceclub in our area was selling last years coach bags and other brand name bags. that is okay because costco is not known for being cheap, it is known for being a wholesaler to the public. they sell brand name everything.

    basically whomever is in charge of the coach line distribution right now has a warped sense of consumer satisfaction. i feel gipped since the bag that once looked expensive and its matching shoes are now the name carried by a target. and who has ever felt “luxurious” from anything purchased from target?

  • Kiki

    Hey, I live in Maryland, very close to D.C. and we have both coach bags and true religion jeans in our Target.  I am an expert on Coach and while some of the bags seem to be of a slightly poorer quality (not by much), the bags are real.  They are even 50% off this week, lol.  They come with an authentic dust bag, registration card, care booklet, and has a serial #. I think the quality is EXACTLY the same as the outlet bags but since they are not stuffed and displayed like the bags in the outlet, they look a little flimsier.  Anyway, I’m not offended by Coach being in target because Coach is not Gucci.  It is for the Diva that knows how to rock designer clothes without going bankrupt, hence Target’s new theme.  Anyway, all power to Target once they aren’t stealing the bags.

  • Nadia

    YES! this is totally true! I was shocked, then appalled as I thought my eyes deceived me when I saw what i thought was the signature “C” pattern on a bag. I laughed to myself and said, oh, Target has a knock off Coach bag, lol. But as i got closer, i saw it was an actual “C” and the little coach tag. with further inspection, feeling the bag and looking at it on the inside, i concluded within 30 seconds it was not the quality sold in stores. I would never buy a Coach bag from target as well. even if they are real, its looks and feels cheap. I immediately wanted to throw my coach bags away. but alas, i was at the outlet this weekend, and got a gem of a beauty in a white leather tote. the saleslady acted as if she didn’t know a damn thing about Coach being in Target…of course!

  • amy

    I saw Coach handbags at the Target in Germantown, Maryland.  Glanced at the price tag for one bag, $300+.  I have been buying Coach for years at either Coach Stores or Nordstrom and Lord and Taylor.  In fact, I just purchased a black signature tote last night at Nordstrom. I would never, never, ever buy a Coach bag from Target no matter who said it was authentic.

  • Which targets I have been to many and steal have not seen any. I live in Springfield, Va and have had know luck what so ever….

  • Joan

    I live in Southern California (L.A.) and I, too have spotted the Coach bags. They look authentic, but they are definitely the older models. All bags and wallets sport the signature C’s in tan and brown and range from $99-$270. The bags are held in glass cases or on locked end-caps.
    I have also seen True Religion jeans on the clearance rack for around $75. They aren’t very attractive though. I’ve seen nicer styles at Saks.
    Who knows if these are knock-offs. You’d have to do a thorough inspection. I just figure, if you really want to wear a Coach bag, than buy it at a contracted retailer like Nordstrom or Macy’s. They have sales, too, you know. If you can’t afford the real thing than don’t cheapen yourself by purchasing a possible fake.

  • I agree Coach is getting cheap…I am even thinking of returning my last bag.  If I can pick one up in Target how high end can they be?

  • Schuyler

    I just saw several Coach bags and Coach wallets being sold at a Target store in Northern VA.  I am close to 4 Targets (each within 10 – 15 miles of each other).  Only ONE Target carried Coach bags.

    A few comments:

    1)  These bags are not attractive.  They have the outdated long purse handle where the purse comes to the hip.  The leather is not Coach’s finest quality.

    2) The most expensive bag was selling for $159.

    3) Finally, this is where Coach and I will have to part ways. Coach represents luxury, fashion and high-end.  While I love Target, it’s ultimately a discount store.  Coach has already watered down its brand; every girl in the metro area carries a Coach.  Now that Target is in the game, it just cheapens the Coach brand.

  • lorena

    yes—target in DISGUSTING st. petersburg FL (have to work there every 6 weeks or so) had PRADA, Ralph Lauren bags—the PRADA were sold out but had plenty of RL bags.. this was in mid november.

  • Marjorie

    Our Target (Apple Valley, CA) sells Ralph Lauren bags, and I noticed Emmanuel Ungaro for men shirts.  That’s about it.

  • Jessica

    I just bought a pair of True Religions from Target on Lake Street (Minneapolis, yo)…from the men’s department…for 37.50!!!!  It was serendipidous that I was even there, and these jeans are amazing!  I’m not even a TR fan; this is the first pair I’ve owned, but they are a super-skinny fit that doesn’t seem like it would fit any guy.  I bought a 29, and they had 28s and 30s… I’m a little reluctant to divulge this secret, but budget fashionistas should stick together.  I have not purchased anything from the Behnaz Sarapfour line…nothing seems exactly right for me, though I like the black-friendly pallete.  I do love my Rafe for Target bag, though…

  • Lee

    I work at a Super Target store that does a lot of product testing..and I have been told that there “supposedly” was a testing of Coach bags, but that the security necessary for selling them didnt make it practical or profitable..I have also heard about the True Religion/Diesel jeans,but our particular store never got that particular test…BTW, I LOVE the Behnaz Sarafour GO line…the pictures of the jeweled t-shirt dont do it justice…..



    Target is selling brand name bags. I saw the news bit about the lawsuit on CNN about two months ago. That prompted me to call guest relations and find out which stores were selling these bags.Apparantly they have what they refer to as test stores, where they send experimental items to see how consumers will react to them.So for those living in Maryland here is the list.Timonium, White Marsh, Glen Burnie, Gaithersburg, Westminster, Bel Air, Germantown, Forestville, and Bowie,Maryland. For those of you not in Maryland still wanting to know where to find the purses, call Target guest relations at 1-800-440-0680. Good Luck!

  • char

    I recently saw a picture of Dooney & Bourke handbags at a Target store (don’t know the name). Also, I heard from multiple sources that some Targets are selling/did sell True Religion jeans.

  • Ali

    The lawsuit filed by Coach was dropped, because it turned out Target was in fact selling the real thing:

    (Sad, I think they bought the department store liquidation sale was Marshall Field’s)

    I have never seen any Coach or real designer pieces in the Brooklyn Target (though that store can be a such a mess, who knows what is hiding on the shelves), so I think this will be a limited program with select Target stores getting the good stuff.

  • Laura

    I saw True Religion jeans for sale at a Target in Laguna Niguel, CA. I think they were around $130. No designer bags yet though.

  • Jan

    This is true. I have seen Dooney and Bourke Bags in Target (under tight security) but no LV or anything that high end. Just some nice Dooney and Bourke bags. I live in Alexandria VA. Its true. NYC is way more fashion forward so items are going to fly away faster. I happen to be a relocated New Yorker soooo I get all of the wide selection of most things becuase they are still on the racks. Target has even sold True Religions, Antik Denim Jeans and Diesel Jeans (Men and Women). You have to be a true BUDGET Fashionista. By the way I do not Love the Behnaz Sarafour line Go International line. Its as drab and black and white lacey exactly like Laura from Project Runway.

  • I live in Minneapolis and need to make a stop at the Downtown Target, which is across the street from Target Headquarters.  If anyone is carrying it, they will be.  I’ll let you know my findings

  • Kate

    Target was sued recently by Coach for selling counterfeit Coach bags here in Florida—hopefully this isn’t related, but I know the rumors about Coach bags there went far and wide pretty quickly.

  • j

    I wonder if this has anything to do with this story:

  • Jen

    Target was accused of selling fake Coach bags:

    And they also apparently sell True Religion Jeans (which have recently found their way to the clearance racks):