Target Launches Their New Bridal Collection

I was recently interviewed for a Chicago Tribune article, regarding Isaac Mizrahi for Target new bridal collection and was a bit dismayed by the apparent belief by many that you must spend a fortune on a wedding dress and a wedding in general. According to the article, “the average wedding in the United States costs $28,000 and brides spend, on average, $1000 on a wedding dress.” According to the US Census, the median household income in the US is $46,326.

I think the rise of these budget bridal options are a very good thing and offers real choices to brides. For some, spending a $1000 on a wedding dress doesn’t fit within their value system. For others, it’s as important as the groom.  I like the fact that brides now have the ability to choose.
As someone who spent way too much money on her own wedding, I find the Target bridal collection to be a breathe of fresh air.  It’s a viable option, along with Filene’s Basement’s Annual Bridal Sale and Sample Sales, for brides who are on a tight budget. In the end it’s suppose to be about the wedding, right?

The creation of the wedding industry is a relatively new thing and to be perfectly honest, treads a bit on the edge of a scam.  Back in the day, folks got married in a small church ceremony or at the home of a relative, with a small reception in the church basement.  Couples exchanged simple gold bands. Your wedding planner was your Aunt Sally.  Fast forward 20 years, we’re now spending up to half of our household incomes on a single day. Ask any wedding/event planner and they will tell you that hotels and other reception locations often charge 20%+ more for a wedding reception than for a non-wedding related event with the same number of people and requirements. The diamond engagement ring was created post WWII, as the result of a brilliant marketing campaign by De Beers (“Diamonds are Forever”).


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