Great Swimsuits and How to Rock Them

Swimsuit season is about to begin and fortunately, there’s no shortage of swimsuit colors and styles we love, especially the ones that come with cute little dress bottoms or draping, reminding us that you don’t have to show the world all your goodies in order to rock the beach bunny look. Read on and see what style of swimsuit works for you.


When it comes to looking hot on the beach, it’s not about who’s willing to show the most skin. It’s about feeling confident. That’s why it’s important to wear a style that shows off what assets you want to share, and conceals those you don’t. See a more in-depth discussion on swimsuits by body type.

If you’ve got a boyish figure and want to create some curves, try a sideless swimsuit (also called a monokini).

Bisou Bisou Asymmetric Cut-out One Piece, $33.99 at

The best thing about tankinis is that often, shops that sell them will offer mix and match options.
Like this Juniors’ Xhilaration Ebony Halter-Tankini Swim Top, $24.99 at


There’s something about skirt swimsuits that can make you forget you’re walking around nearly nekkid, and therefore we love them. This Allen B Bandeau Swimdress ($38.99 at JcPenney) is both sexy and covered.

Not every bikini has to look like two colored triangles with matching butt floss. Not that there’s anything wrong with that style, but practically every woman we know simply prefers to leave a little something more to the imagination.

We like this Two-Piece Skirted Bikini Control Swimsuit by Shape fx ($79.99 at has all the style of bikni with the added bonus of the shirred bikini bottom.

If you’re plus-sized, elegant ruching is a great way to show off your curves without looking overexposed. We’re HUGE fans of the Suddenly Slim by Catalina Retro Swimsuit line at Walmart.

Suddenly Slim by Catalina Retro Shirred Swimsuit, $32.00 at

A: Slather on the sunscreen. For those who complain that they can’t wear sunscreen because it’s too greasy, try a formula that feels dry to the touch once applied like Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock.

Lip balms with SPF are also important, although most people tend to forget about lip protection in the summertime. has a bunch of balms currently on sale including Banana Boat’s with an SPF of 30, now $2.79.

B: Remove hair from legs, bikini line and other areas if necessary. You don’t want to be hiding behind sarongs all day upon discovering stray fuzz.

Soothe any shaving cuts or ingrown hairs with Doctor Burt’s Res-Q Ointment, $6

C: Have sandal or flip-flop ready feet. This means, be ready to showcase a great pedi and pampered piggies. Of course, if you’re like us, your feet are battle scarred from many-a-high-heeled pump, strappy wedge and ill-fitting flat. However there is a way to keep your feet relatively injury and blister free. Just smear some BAND-AID Activ-Flex Blister Block onto areas of feet that tend to rub up against shoes (tops of toes, ankles, wherever straps touch) before putting those shoes on. While this intriguing goo that comes in a deodorant-like container doesn’t promise a totally pain-free day, it does a miraculous job of preventing injury and blister-causing friction.

D: Have functional beach/pool accessories with you like a wide brim hat, comfortable sunglasses and something to cover up with in case it gets chilly or you leave the area where wearing a swimsuit feels inappropriate.

Floppy Summer Hat, $38, American Apparel

E: Have a non-functional accessory just for fun, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of your having a good time. An ankle bracelet–though we know some of you find those tacky–to us, just symbolizes summer fun.

Belle Noel Studded Ankle Bracelet, $23, Revolve Clothing

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