Super Bowl Party Ideas: DIY Decorating

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We all know that Super Bowl parties are about the game, the beer and the hot wings. But that being said, we’re girls, so we have to make some attempt at decorating. And because every dollar counts, DIY decorating is the way to go — you can have a festive Super Bowl party on a budget . No, the guys won’t notice your awesome Super Bowl centerpiece, but that’s beside the point.

Super Bowl Party Ideas for Decorating

Gridiron Snack Table

This one takes a little work, but once done is really the only crafting you’ll need to do. Pick up a green plastic tablecloth (the heavier, the better) from the dollar store, Walmart , Target — and then, starting at the center point (the 50 yard line) and working your way outward, mark off every ten yards — use white painters tape for the yard-lines, and mark each with pre-cut numbers (purchased in the home section at Walmart, Lowe’s , Home Depot . Add a team logo (Packers vs. Steelers, natch) in the end zones (get decals or print logos off from online) and voila! Instant gridiron. Well not instant, but pretty sweet.

Super Bowl Centerpiece

Well, since it is the Super Bowl, a football would be a good (and easy) place to start. Pick up a regulation-sized football on the cheap at a big box or sporting goods store, along with a kick stand, and place in the center of the table. Surround with miniature Nerf balls, tacked in place with a spot of hot glue if needed. Top with tucked-in penants — created from triangles of felt and extra long toothpicks. Let your guests take home the Nerf balls at the end of the night if they like.

Team Colors

This one is the no-brainer — but with a twist. Decorate your viewing room in team colors (green and gold for Packers, black and gold for Steelers) — divide the room down the middle very clearly with tape, and then decorate one side for each team (penants are great, but you can go even more budget by just purchasing balloons, streamers, etc. at the dollar store). Have your guests pick a side — and proceed to heckle each other (good naturedly of course). Score!

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  • Bea

    I did something very similar for our super bow party this year for my son’s team! I got a cheap football and cut open the top and filled it with tissue paper and these custom lapel pins I had made for their team. I found a website with 20% off (the code is LPSS20%Off2011 for and all the kids got the pins to trade and give to their friends as favors! I put the football on a kickstand as the centerpiece.

  • The best DIY project for the Super Bowl is to make a home kegerator. It will take a little more time than other projects, but it’s a long lasting one that you and your guests will all appreciate. Plus you can decorate it with your team colors for the big game!