Nailed It! Summer Nail Trends for 2013

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There is nothing like the heat of summer to make a gal want to flaunt her nails. Luckily, keeping your tips polished and hip this summer is surprisingly simple. If you can remember four words, then commit these: bold, charm, simple and shape.

Summer Nail Trends for 2013!

1. Bold

Nail Polish Bottles

Pick strong colors that don’t look faded. I always go for sturdy reds, bright orange, spring blue, and lush green. Missing the pastels from spring? Let go – summer is all about energy and standing out. I love this purple from Opi for $8.

2. Charm


Think that charms are just for wrists? Think again. My favorite summer nail trend is the concept of “nail art.” With nail art, paint is just the first step. First you pick your favorite shade, and when your nails are wet, push in your favorite gem, stone, or tiny sticker. Let dry, then top with a  clear coat. If you want gems that don’t stand out too much, try these for $7.99 in rose pink.

3. Simple

Colorblock Nail Polish

Try color blocking or basic laid-back tones. I vote that keeping nails to two colors instead of multi-laquored states you as classy instead of over-kill. I love this look (using a favorite brand, Opi).

4. Shape

Short Colored Nails

This season is all about modest to medium length. No more talons or weird blunts – if you’re wearing color or shine or gem, make sure that your nail length or shape suits the look and doesn’t out-flash what you really want people staring at: your TIPS!

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