Summer 2014 Nails: Pedicure Trends and Colors

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I haven’t worn boots or shoes that require socks in weeks. My sandals, flip flops, and flats have been in a consistent rotation ever since, which means one thing: I have to get used to doing my nails. I know, I don’t have to have painted fingernails and toenails…but oh, I do.

It’s a simple pleasure. If I get them done right (and manage not to smudge them) they’ll last a few weeks. Which, is great. However – it also means I need to pick right.

Luckily, it’s easy. Here are the top summer nail polish trends for the optimal mani-and-pedi matches.

Pedicure Trends and Colors for Summer 2014

Fruit Punch.

Essie Haute in the Heat

I love Essie, who does this in “Haute in Heat” for $8.50. Looks great on tan (or almost tan) hands and toes, and for under ten bucks this bright color will go a long way.

Juicy Orange.


Maybelline Orange Fix is the first mimosa you will actually wear on purpose. For $3.95, you’ll exhaust your taste buds on this citrus paint before moving on to another flavor.

Sandy Shimmery Pink.

Zoya Nail Polish- Meadow

Try this from Zoya for $8.99 and feel like a sea-siren princess of the beach.

Skyline Blue.

Essie Mesmerize 679 Nail Polish

Mesmerise from Essie is bright, skyward, and totally summer. Only $5.49.

Tropical Teal.

OPI Teal the Cows Come Home

Love this color because it looks good with almost everything. Only $7.25.

Now, it’s not like you’ll go and get one of these colors on your hand and the other on your feet. Eeek. I recommend picking one color as a start (usually go for the darkest you want to go and put it on your toes) then pick a similar hue but lighter for your mani. I recently went for Essie’s Haute in Heat for my toes and selected a pinkier red for my hands.

You get it. Now go do it!

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