Summer 2014 Nails: Manicure Trends and Colors

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On the weekend, I like to rough it. Sure, I love to shop and brunch and lounge at the beach—but nothing is more fun and satisfying than getting sweaty and dusty on a long hike in the Los Angeles mountains.


So, as many of my friends have pointed out, it’s kind of ironic that I insist upon keeping my nails well manicured. And by mani, I mean bright, girly colors.

Sure, it contrasts, but this summer I’m in luck: bright, bold, and confident colors are IN. Here are my favorites:

Manicure Trends and Colors for Summer 2014

Diamond-Shimmer Pink.

Essie Sugar Daddy

From Essie for $8.50, this color looks fabulous on all and isn’t glaringly obvious if it scratches or chips.

Cherry-Pie Red.

OPI Nail Lacquer - OPI Red

For $6.95 from OPI, this red is bright, bold, and surrenders to nobody. Much like the aroma of a fresh-baked pie!


CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss, Toasted Almond 220

From CoverGirl for $4.79, this nutty hue is subtle yet assertive. Enjoy, especially when you’re surprised how great this looks with just about any outfit.


Essie Mint Candy Apple

From Essie for $8.50, this color will evoke dreams of horse races, sun hats, and heels.


Essie Smokin Hot

From Essie for $8.50, this “smokin’ hot” polish will have you dreaming of late nights at an outdoor bar in Mexico. Or, on your backyard patio.

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