Stylitics – An Online Closet Organizer

How many times has this happened to you? You’re getting ready to go out, you come up with a totally marvy outfit and you say to yourself, “I feel really great in this! I have to make sure I remember how great these pieces work together,” and then you’re out the door almost as fast as the thought is out of your head! Well, there is a new tool out there to help you keep track of all those awesome outfit “a-ha” moments. It’s called Stylitics and not only will it help you keep your emsembles organized, it also analyzes your spending habits, offers fun facts about your favorite brands and designers, and even has a calendar, complete with a weather report, that archives your outfits for you so you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of photos, trying to remember whether or not you wore the red dress or the black dress at your last dressy work related event. 
It’s fairly straightforward and Stylitics has a tutorial that is easy to understand. You add items by searching for pieces and adding them to your virtual closet. And, like we said above, once the items are added you can create outfits and insert them into your calendar, for future reference. Stylitics also compiles data like how often you wear a piece and how much money you’re spending on your clothes and accessories.
Stylitics is currently in private beta (meaning you need an invite to join), but you can request an invite at Does this sound like something you’d use?