Shower Power: Shower Curtains to Jazz Up the Bathroom

InterDesign Thistle Shower Curtain

Most of us don’t consider our bathroom a stylish place.  But why not?  Think about it: between baths, doing our hair and putting on makeup, we spend a lot of time there.  So why stop the décor at a pretty tissue box?  Give that shower curtain some love!

Seriously, drab shower curtains (or worse, ones we’ve had so long they’re fraying or stained along the bottom) do nothing in the way of expressing our love of fashion or our personality.  Shower curtains that jazz up the bathroom give the area oomph.  It’s like the bathroom equivalent of decorative pillows or bold area rugs in our living rooms.  Go for it, ladies.

Get that Bathroom Stylin’ with Stylish Shower Curtains

From bright and cheery to frilly and funky, here are some shower curtains that add style to any bathroom.

Are you ready to ditch your shower curtain for any of these shown here?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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