Write on! Get a Grip on these Stylish Pens

Nothing throws our style off like whipping out an old, plastic pen.  Think about it: we enter a work meeting looking all coordinated, then take notes with a beat-up bank pen (that we found at the local deli).  Ewww.  Time to get a grip on stylish pens.

If you’re going to go all out when it comes to style, go all out.  No more bank pens, cheap-0 pens or anything even close.  Whether we’re at work, jotting down ideas for our latest blog, or exchanging numbers with that smoothie-sipping guy in town, use stylish pens.  Not only does a stylish pen put a smile on our face, but like a unique pair of eyeglasses or nail polish color, it can become our signature.  How many times have we been somewhere when we couldn’t remember someone’s name, but later said to our friends, “you know, that woman with the bright yellow nails?”  Many times the details define us.

So let’s reach in our pocketbooks and car consoles and ditch the nasty pens.  Go for stylish pens that give us, and those around us, something extra fun to remember.

Stylish Pens that Make us Want to Write Forever

As a writer, perusing through sites filled with pens made me feel like a kid in a candy store.  There were all kinds of colors and patterns . . . with just as many prices.  Some were works of art, made with Mother of Pearl or glass, but the price tag was in the high hundreds.  Yikes!

The pens I found may not be decorated with spiffy sea stuff, but they’re stylish and will also keep our bank account in tact.  Check out these pretty and affordable pens.

Parker Vector Swirls Medium Point Rollerball Pen, $5.29 from Overstock.com
Parker Jotter 2012 Special Edition Dots Collection Ivory Barrel Retractable Ball Point Pen, $11.99 from Overstock.com
Vera Bradley Ball Point Pen, $19.00 from Zappos
Retro 51 Tornado Waikiki Rollerball Pen, $17.99 from Overstock.com
Cross Century Satin Pink Ballpoint Pen with Grey/Pink Journal, $20.99 from Staples
Pentel EnerGel RTX Retractable Roller Ball Pen (Green Ink, 3-Count), $10.05 from Walmart
Vera Bradley Ball Point Pen, $19.00 from Zappos

Are you guilty of being a Bank Pen Collector?  Let us know what you think of these stylish pens in the comment section below.