7 Ways to Style Your Distressed Denim

5. Accessorize

We know we probably don’t have to tell you this but any look can go from drab to fab with the help of a few key accessories. Dress up your torn jeans and sweater look with statement jewelry and heels and you’ve gone from casual cute to smokin’ hot without much work at all (cuz we know how you do simple like a pro). When it comes to accessorizing your style have fun and think outside of the box to show the world the fierce personality you have to share.

6. TGI-Casual Friday

Looking for a way to bring a little edge to the M-F monotony that is work? Get literal on casual Friday and wear a blazer with your slightly torn (and totally edgy) distressed jeans. With a look this hard core everyone will know to ask you first before taking that last bagel.

7. Set a Trend

Distressed denim jeans with heels and patterned top

Nothing says “breaking the mold” more than a sexy, confidant woman in a bold patterned top. Don’t be afraid to be the one that starts the trend. You got this. Pair your favorite bold pattern (leopard print, we’ve got you covered) with your torn skinny jeans and boots and let the statement that is you do all of the work. Just get ready for those copycats. Because yours is a look too good to keep to yourself.


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