Stone Mat: The Look for Less

Looking to bring a little bit of nature indoors with a stone mat? These Zen-like floor mats, which could work equally well as a spa-like bath mat or a rustic door mat, sell for upwards of $40 at home design stores, but you can easily make your own custom mat at home with just a few easy to find materials.

The stones, rubbed smooth by river water, are flat and feel surprisingly smooth and gentle on bare feet. We found bags of river rocks at the dollar store – just $3 will buy enough to make a mat (about 7 lbs of river rocks). You’ll also need a rubber mat and some glue.

To make:

Decide how you want the stones arranged on your mat, then put down some adhesive and lay the stones on the mat. Be sure to keep the stones as level as possible so that you are stepping down on a level surface with no stones jutting up. Allow to dry, then enjoy!


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