Fashion Advice: Invisible Support

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Dear Budget Fashionista

I have kids and my breast aren’t as perky as they use to be. Sometimes I see very cute clothing (like the black knit dresses), that you can’t wear a bra with. I wanted to know if the “sticky” bras really work.

A: If you’re a full C cup or larger, the sticky bras won’t work. And even, if you’re a C cup or smaller, the sticky bras won’t be able to provide much support to heavy breast and you have to be careful not to sweat too much because the adhesive of the bra can loosen and cause a sagging moment.

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  • Daisy

    I have one of these bras and I love it.  I think its the greatest thing they could have come out with.  I have no problem with mine. it stys in place and keeps them firm.  I’m a B cup and I’ve had 3 kids so I have the sag. It really keeps them in place.

  • Elaine

    The best answer is TAPE- nice wide medical type tape-not the paper kind- works wonders…For us larger breasted gals it provides the support you need-with no noticable lines or straps..for the smaller sizes, you can achieve a wonderful cleavage if done correctly.
    Make sure you take a cotton pad with rubbing achl. to the area first to remove all oils etc. so the tape will stick.
    The secret to both these sizes is to start the taping under the armpit, a bit higher than the underside of the breast( where you want it to be, not where it lies naturally. run 1 piece of tape from this spot under your lifted breast to about 1/2 under your other breast. Next do the same move on the opposite side.  The third strip of tape needs to run from along the side of your breast, where you want it to be to just under the opposite breast and again from the other breast. 
    If you think about it as a criss cross pattern it makes it less confusing.

    Once you’ve done this taping take a good look and make sure yor even-yu can adjust the height and cleavage at this point with specific taping in thoses needed spots.

    Taking with off can be a bit painful if your not careful..a little baby oil if helpful and a warm bath.

  • I’ve found their much better as a good padding underneath a bra rather than an actual bra themselves.