Green Bling: Sparkle in St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail Rings

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St. Patrick’s Day is upon us which means we’ll be seeing more green now than (enter sarcastic economic/political comment of your choice here).  Let’s celebrate with St. Patrick’s Day cocktail rings!  They’re green, gorgeous and guaranteed to make us sparkle.

Green cocktail rings are the perfect addition to our outfits, whether we’re stepping out in head-to-toe green or showing the day some love with subtle shades.  St. Patrick’s Day cocktail rings are also perfect for transitioning from day-long parades to evening outings with friends.  No need bring a change of jewelry as we head indoors to finish the day with some (more?) corned beef sandwiches and laughs.  Bonus: bold rings look great on us any time of the year, even when green isn’t as “in.”

Get into Green Bling with these St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail Rings!

Here are a few cocktail rings that caught my eye.  They’re bold, affordable and sure to add pizzazz to your St. Patrick’s Day.

Enjoy the day!

What St. Patrick’s Day cocktail rings will you step out in?

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