Spring Cleaning: 5 Things to Consciously Uncouple Yourself From

Unless you live in a perpetual paradise (Curse you, Californians!), now is that transitional time of year when you swap your faux fur-lined parkas for lighter trenches.  Meaning now is the time to schedule the more-often-than-not-put-off epic Spring Cleaning session.  Taking a cue from Gwynnie, here’s what you need a conscious uncoupling from asap. Translation in layman’s terms?  Throw that crap out!

Spring Cleaning: What to Throw Out?

That Forever 21 dress: You know the dress.  You needed a trendy dress for one of those “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” nights out.  It was an impulse buy at Forever 21, and you haven’t worn it since junior year spring break… which was 6 years ago.

Old Halloween costumes: Sure, you spent a day’s pay on a sexy cop costume with the matching NYPD cap.  And you spent one marvelous night channeling your best Mariska Hargitay (in far less clothing we may add), but unless you plan on wearing the costume again (and 9 times out of 10, you won’t), time to donate or put it on ebay.

Earrings without their pair:  You got them at a local flea market, and you’ve worn them religiously since then… until that night you were rocking out at the Miley Cyrus  insert-cool-indie-band concert.  Your sad lonely pair will just collect dust on your shelf, so let it go.

Orphaned socks: On that note, orphaned socks need to go as well.  And those with holes in them.  Either sew ‘em up, or acknowledge that you are lazy, won’t repair them, and you need to throw them out.

Sample makeup: We love those free makeup samples from Sephora as much as you do, but when you have a pile of them from who-knows-when, that”s not a good sign.  We get it.  No one likes throwing away freebies, but if that foundation sample was actually an accompanying gift from your purchase in ’09, that is 1. gross to use makeup that old 2. It could cause some serious skin problems.  Wasted samples are way better (and more economical) than a pricey trip to the derm.