Spring Clean: The Closet Cleanse

When To Cleanse Your Closet

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There’s no time like the present, right? But really, cleaning out your closet twice a year should keep your closet fairly clutter free. When you’ve pushed more items to the back of the closet than what’s in quick range, it’s definitely time to reclaim the wasted space. Every piece — including those tucked away for alternate seasons — should be one you’re comfortable in and proud to wear.

What Goes & What Stays

When it comes to streamlining closets bursting at the seams, there’s about as many philosophies as garments you could stand to get rid of. Besides the obvious questions of current fit and quality, the most important question is this:

Does this piece of clothing bring you happiness or inspiration?

If you have a joyous piece that regularly comes out for special occasions, keep it. Pieces that no longer suit this category deserve the boot. Here’s why.

Every item in your closet, whether staple or statement-making, should make getting dressed in the morning effortless and enjoyable.

Tried and true essentials could make your heart sing just as much as a unique standout. The key to cleaning the closet lies in knowing that and being honest with yourself.

Clothing Resale: There’s an App for That

In the past, those pieces that didn’t make the cut went into “trash” or “donate” piles. Today, thanks to the great app obsession, you can add “resell” to that list. You are no longer limited to consignment shops or old-fashioned eBay. Try mobile options like Poshmark and even Instagram to give your nicer pieces plenty of opportunity to find a second home, while adding cash to your pocket.

How To Keep It Up

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Like any type of cleaning, proper maintenance and upkeep makes your next closet cleanse so much simpler. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you have more than what’s at hand, by stowing away your out-of-season “keep” piles. This gives you enough space for your current season of clothes — which makes distinguishing and coordinating outfits a breeze. Store the extras in zippered garment bags or boxes that slide under the bed to both make space, and preserve your favorites. 

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