Spring 2014 Nail Trends You Have to Try Now

Gloves, mittens, and hand-warmers off, ladies. Spring is just about here, and it’s time to flaunt your fingers. Here are five nail trends we love so much you’ll have a different mani every week!

Spring 2014 Nail Trends : 5 Fab Designs

1. Simple Patterns.

Spring 2014 Nail Trends: Simple Patterns

I don’t normally like nail art, but the patterns on the runway this spring are super chic. Keep is simple, of course, and think “less is more.” Paint your nails with a solid and steady hue, then use a lighter color to draw on lines, a few dots, or a streak.

2. Modern French.

Spring 2014 Nail Trends: French Tips

This spring, the French tip has gone rogue. Love it! Paint your nails as if you’re about to get the regular (or try a color other than clear) then instead of painting the tips white, go for a steak of blue, green, or slate gray.

3. Half-Moon.


Yep, all the rage. Imagine the opposite of french-tip – and spice it up with hues other than white and clear.

4. Orange.


Aren’t you glad to see me? This color is great for spring – think the version that looks like sorbet. If you want, add an extra off-color like green or blue. Fun!

5. Au Naturale. Sometimes, simple is key. Make sure to gloss it up so they’re not dull – or even use a nude color that is just a tad different than your nude.