Spiral Bouquets: DIY

Professional floral arrangements are pricey no matter what the occasion. With wedding season in full bloom, it’s good to have a trick up your sleeve that’s pretty enough for the big day, yet easy enough for weekend flowers from the farmers market. The European spiral bouquet is a hand-tied technique that takes only minutes and gets new looks with different flower varieties and stem heights. If you’re hosting an engagement party or bridal shower or just want a slice of French elegance around, here’s your go-to approach to quick and easy flowers.

What you need:

A dozen flowers
Scissors or shears
String or wire (raffia has a natural look, but you can use anything on hand such as kitchen string or thin, flexible wire)


Strip stems of all leaves and thorns if using roses.
Hold one flower as your “base flower” with your thumb and pointer finger, pinching a few inches under the buds.
Cross another flower over this one at a 45-degree angle, keeping the bud slightly lower than the base flower.
Give a quarter-turn each time you cross another flower over, adding each stem at a 45-degree angle; the stems will start to take on a spiral look.
After you add the last flower, tie the stems tightly with your string.
Cut stems at an angle under the string to fit the vase of your choice.

If you are making bouquets for a wedding party, consider wrapping the stems at the bottom of the arrangement in silk ribbon.
Use one color flower for a clean, monochromatic look.
For a big, round bouquet, try working with two dozen flowers; for smaller centerpieces, make two arrangements out of your dozen and use lower vases.
Check out this video from Domino magazine on spiral bouquets.

Pictures courtesy of The Knot.

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