Fashion Advice: Sports Bras for Large Chests

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Hey Budget Fashionista!

After getting your book, I finally went and got measured for a bra for the first time in over 4 years. My size went from a DD to a DDD/E, no more Victoria’s Secret for me. Do you know where I can find a great sportsbra on a budget?

My cup runneth over as well…..

If you’re a marathon runner with a large bra cup (DD+), then you need to invest in a GOOD, high impact sports bra. Unfortunately you won’t find these bras at your local department store.

The brand of sports bra I use is called Shock AbsorberDonna Karan, also makes a great high impact sports bra with underwire and, of course, it’s pricey. Actually if you think about it, by the time you wear two sports bras, you might as well have bought a good sports bra. At least you won’t have a uni-boob.

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  • Halibut

    As a 38DD/E, I usually wear two bras because my sports bras stretch out so quickly. It really hurts to spend $50-60 on a bra and find out it doesn’t last. So I double up.
    So I’m looking for the impossible: great support at a reasonable price and very durable. Ha.

  • Elana

    Just to add one more suggestion to the mix: I wear a 34D and I swear by the TaTa Tamer bra from Lululemon. No discomfort whatsoever. Great sports bra (again, not cheap, runs at about $60). Good luck!

  • synj-munki

    to the person asking about sizes, I wear in the area of a 34J/36I, and I use an Enell and shit don’t move (well, not anymore than my shoulders or ribs). it is also the only bra that gets tissue out of my armpits for freeweights and digging deep holes.

  • Courtney

    Lane Bryant has great sports bras for larger breasts…
    They run sales in June and December as a buy 2 get 2 free… and they sent 25 dollars off 75 coupons in the mail at the same time.

    Its going on now, actually! I just got 4 bras at 12-15 dollars each!

  • Enell is great for running. For weights/elliptical, I wear a Freya – I’m a 34G and Freya has many styles that suit me. Check out Nordstrom’s bra department or

  • cyn

    Oh, and for the poster who asked about sizes… I bought my first Maia when I was 38DD and have since bought 36DD, 34DD, now 34D as I have lost weight. All have been WONDERFUL. Each one has been the best $46 I ever spent!

  • cyn

    Maia from Moving Comfort: — sized by Bra sizes (not S/M/L/Xl/…), underwire, anti-uniboob, comfortable, stable, you will not move but you will not feel confined either!

  • I love the Title Nine Last Resort Bra. Best ever for DD or DDD. Comfortable and no boob aches when I run.

  • Shamanda54321

    Title Nine has the Enell bras in black+white. Today (only) they are giving everyone $20 dollar gift cards when they have a minimum purchase amount of $100. If you bought 2 of the last resort bras (Enell) you could get 20 bucks back!

  • bearpalomo

    I wish more women when posting these recommendations would put down their own sizes.  I’m trying to shop for a bra for my g/f who is a 38D and I went to ENELL but the “biggest” testimonial was from a 34D.  You say “your breasts WILL NOT MOVE in this bra” but I don’t know if you’re praising a bra from a 28B, 34D or 44DD perspective???

  • Betty

    Have you tried the Enell sportsbra at  Enells run for $60, but at this website you can get them for 10% off and their shipping rates are lots less.

  • Yes I totally agree

  • m~elizabeth

    I second the motion on the Enell bra.  I loved my first one so much I bought another.

  • Suz

    The Last Resort bra IS the Enell bra. Title IX gives their stock cutesy names but they’re the same bras that other places sell as well.

  • Kim

    Finally someone who understands!  Thank you so much for the info.  Well endowed women everywhere are cheering 😀

  • Bethany

    If you wear over a 34C size bra and do any exercising that requires any up and down movement, you need to invest in a good sports bra! It’s so worth it! If not to save yourself the literal pain, save yourself the gradual damage that will only be noticed once your body’s age hits the top of the hill and you start on the downward slope. You do not want to be the lady that you see walking down the street with her ‘girls’ hanging down to her knees!!! I have seen it, not pretty!!! If you’d spend that much on stuff someone would see, i.e. purse, shoes, you should spend that much on something that will protect your assets!

  • jj

    Also consider an Enell bra.  They’re not cheap either, and they’re ugly as sin, but your boobs WILL NOT MOVE.

  • Alison

    You could also try the “Last Resort” bra from Title Nine Sports (  I’m a DDD as well, and while this bra won’t be beautiful, you will not jiggle.  I can run in this bra without pain.