Fashion Advice: Sports Bras for Large Chests

Hey Budget Fashionista!

After getting your book, I finally went and got measured for a bra for the first time in over 4 years. My size went from a DD to a DDD/E, no more Victoria’s Secret for me. Do you know where I can find a great sportsbra on a budget?

My cup runneth over as well…..

If you’re a marathon runner with a large bra cup (DD+), then you need to invest in a GOOD, high impact sports bra. Unfortunately you won’t find these bras at your local department store.

The brand of sports bra I use is called Shock AbsorberDonna Karan, also makes a great high impact sports bra with underwire and, of course, it’s pricey. Actually if you think about it, by the time you wear two sports bras, you might as well have bought a good sports bra. At least you won’t have a uni-boob.


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