Special for Our Petite Friends: AAA Bras Now Available

What: The online petite lingerie shop, Lula Lu, recently launched a line of bras that come in the super petite size of AAA.

What They Say: “This new collection from Lula Lu fits and flatters women sizes 32AAA to 36AAA. With styles ranging from simple to sexy, the AAA bra cup is flawless enough to fit the frame of any small-busted woman. Treasure your chest with a few favorites from the AAA collection”

What We Say: This might be a great alternative to the sports bra or to stuffing your bra with sometimes uncomfortable cutlets/inserts in order to fit into larger cup sizes. However, we’re not exactly sure how this differs from, say, a AA size bra and unless you just want to wear a bra, we’re not sure it’s worth the $54 price tag.


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