SpaSensials Socks & Gloves: Product Review

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What: Robin pampers her sad, chapped hands and tired, dry feet with SpaSensials Intensive one-step moisturizing and conditioning socks and gloves, $11.99.

The Lowdown: You can go to and watch a demo of a woman putting on her SpaSensials gloves and socks—soothing spa music plays in the background as she relaxes on a winged chair with candles flickering about. Needless to say, my experience was a tad different: I sat on my couch watching Hannah Montana with my two kids as they fought over who got my gloves and socks when I was done with them. Although I didn’t hear spa music, the scent of the gloves definitely transported me as if I were in a spa (I wish!). Infused with aloe, jojoba, avocado and vitamins for a deep-moisturizing treatment, the gloves and socks already have the moisturizer inside of them so all you have to do is put them on for 15 minutes and your hands and feet emerge soft and moisturized.

Yea or Nay: Yea, soft hands down. What’s so great about this product is it’s all in one—you don’t have to bother applying lotion before slipping them on. Once you’re finished, you just toss them in the trash. While they are a bit pricey for one time use, you get a couple pairs of each (in the socks and gloves combo). They also make a great gift.

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