Review: Spanx at Target

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Spanx just launched a budget friendly version of their popular shape wear brand, called Assets, at Target. For those of you blessed with cellulite free thighs, Spanx is a sort of like a cross between pantyhose and a girdle and are very popular with the Hollywood set (Jennifer Garner, Gywneth and Oprah). The light-weight shaper, provides excellent control and smoothing without crushing your ribs. The budget version features three different types of shapers—underwear, footless, and full pantyhose.  The retail price of the shapers range from $15 for a power panty to $40 for a full body shaper.

Review Spanx at Target

If you’re looking for the support level of Spanx, without the hefty price tag, then the Assets line is a great option. While the materials are definitely of “lower” quality- more nylon and less spandex- you still get great support. Our biggest pet peeve is that there never seems to be enough stock in the larger sizes in our local Target.

Head to the Assets site to learn more.

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  • Em

    I can’t seem to find what size I would wear. The size listed are 1,2,3,4,and 5. I went on Spanx’s website but it doesn’t tell me what number to select. I would be a size Large. Does anyone know which I should select? Thanks!!

  • Beverley Paul

    Why is there no reply to the questions of where Spanx is available in South Africa

    • TBF

      Because that is a question you should ask Spanx.

  • Is SPANX available in South Africa?

  • michelle mukwa

    Would like to view and purchase your range in south africa

  • shanaaz

    I am also interested in the Spanx range is it available in south africa.

  • belinda strauss

    Where can I buy Spanx underwear in South Africa?????

  • Ask11

    Hi, please advise weher one can purchase Spanx in South Africa, I’m in Cape Town . . . please ?

    • The only option I think is to order it online at or call the company directly to see if they could send it to you in South Africa

  • rumbi85

    where can I get spanx in south africa Urgent???????????

  • tracey

    please advice if can purchase spanx in south africa and where i can purchase it.i am also very interesting in been an agent for spanx in south africa.
    looking forward to your earliest reply.
    thanking you.

  • Ugi

    Please inform me if i could view and purchase your product range in South Africa.

  • Deb

    I love Spanx power panties, but have always found them too expensive.  I’ve tried Target’s Assets Unbelievable Underwear and as far as I can tell, they are exactly the same thing.  I live in them now.  They are definitely girdles and they take a little bit of wiggling to get into in the morning.  But they are the kindest, gentlest girdles imaginable.  They firm you, smoothe you, and take you down a dress size, but they are so comfortable that when I come home from work and change from work clothes into a more casual dress or skirt, I don’t even bother to take them off. Sara Blakely is a genius!

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