Spanx Swimsuits: Tummy Controlling Swimwear That’ll Cost You

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The Deal: FREE shipping on ALL Spanx purchases, including swimwear, with code AFFILIATE052010. Offer valid through 5/31.
The Lowdown:99% of women should not spend more than $50 on a swimsuit, since most of us only wear them on the occasional vacation or the day or two we actually get to relax by the pool. But then there’s the 1% of us who live in warm tropical places and/or who happen to “summer” during the winter. This very special group of people, may want to spend a little more dough on their swimsuits, since the suits are a crucial part of their wardrobe. Okay, fine. One of our favorite higher end swimwear lines is the relatively new line by the folks behind Spanx. This line, which is priced well-above the $150 mark, has all the tummy controling, butt smoothing, boob lifting technology you’ve come to love from Spanx. A few of our favorites are listed below, all with free shipping.


Our Picks:

Spanx Swimsuits

1. Structured One Piece, $198

2. Spanx Slimming Swimsuits – Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit, $178

3. Spanx Slimming Swimsuits – Deep-V One Piece Swimsuit, $178

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  • jaded

    I ended up spending $70 on a suit, just to find something with suitable support (i am in the DDD+ club). $200 seems excessive, but I think Spanx is pretty expensive too.

  • You can’t put a price tag on looking perfect at the beach or poolside. Pending on how much you plan on being out, this swimsuit may be well worth the extra cash.