High-End Jewelry for Less: Solange Azagury-Partridge at H&M

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From the folks at Trend Central:

H&M designer jewels: After the success of collaborations with designers such as Stella McCartney, Elio Fiorucci and Karl Lagerfeld, the Swedish fashion phenoms are at it again. This time, London based fine jeweler Solange Azagury-Partridge will design a limited edition holiday-inspired line of jewelry for the retailer. The collection will utilize red metal in lattices of chains, pendants, hair clips and chokers. Accessories such as pet collars, footwear and even travel kits are also reportedly included in the collection.

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    There is a HUGE difference between H&M’s in larger cities like New York and those at places like the Mall of America in Mpls. It’s unfortunate, because people who live outside the city also want to look fabulous as well. But a veru good friend of mine was a VP at Federated Department Stores (Macys, Bloomies, etc.) and he said the reason why there aren’t more fashion forward fashions in places outside NYC, Chi-town, LA, is because people don’t buy them. According to him, jeans and sweats are what sells…..

    I want to change this!!

  • Karen


    The only problem with this is, like the Stella M. collection for H & M, these will probably be available at only a few stores in large metropolitan areas. Also, like the Stella collection, they will be grabbed up by a few aggressive shoppers and reauctioned off on ebay.

  • Elizabeth


    I saw an ad on television the other night for this. I and was flicking through Grazia mag today and saw the ads featuring the red jewelled rings and they are now top of my wish list! I’ll definitely be looking out for them in my local H&M from now on. Does any one know when they hit the shops by the way?!