Soap & Glory Cosmetics at Target

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What: The latest beauty blog buzz is all about Soap & Glory Cosmetics, scheduled to land any second at a Target near you.

What the beauty heads say: This from “Ever since [girlawhirl] tried Marcia Kilgore’s latest creation, Soap & Glory Cosmetics when they were introduced in England last summer, she’s been dying to have the fun, hard-working and well-priced bath, body and beauty items available to her here, instead of carrying back multiples or asking London Super Pals to bring them for her when they visit her in the states…”

What I say: That’s quite an endorsement, and seems to be the consensus of those who have tried and loved. The line, packaged in retro pink and black, features lotions, bath products, lip gloss, self-tanner, and more. All appear to be deliciously girly, a little devilish, and affordable to boot. The company tagline says it all: “At Soap & Glory, we believe that you shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg just to moisturize one (or the other, or both).”  So there.

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  • Patrica Johnson

    I have not been able to find Soap and Glory products at my local Target. They say they don’t carry it anymore. Where else may I go to find your lip plumper?

  • Kim

    I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Soap & Glory’s “Some Like it Hot”. This product is a thermal body scrub; it gets warm when you lather it into your skin. I must say that after its usage, my skin feels smooth to the touch… oh, and the smell is to die for!

  • vkn4040

    I have been using the ‘make yourself YOUTHFUL’ rejuvenating face serum for a couple of months and absolutely love the results! My adult acne is gone! I now have my 13 year old daughter using it and it is helping her too! I’m so glad it is at Target!

  • BAE

    Where oh where in the world are the Targets that carry this stuff?! I’ve been to two in NOVA and neither has even a hint of its existence!? I’m dying to buy and try!!!

  • Maria

    As soon as I saw this post last month, I ran to Target to buy a small jar of Flake Away and the Body Butter, too.  Both smell heavenly, and I went back yesterday to get some more…and was bummed to see they had flown off the shelves!  I don’t think that Target will be re-stocking this stuff once it’s gone, so buy it now while you still can.

  • Tricia

    I just bought the Flake Away at Target the other day in the sample size because I was out of body scrub. I can tell you now that I’m hooked! It smells soo good and it exfoliates without feeling like sandpaper on your skin. I can’t wait to get the large size. At the Target near me almost all of the sample and large sizes of the body products and hand creams were gone already! Try it!

  • Danielle

    LOve, absolutely love, the direction Target has been taking lately.  I have some of their Sonya Kashak cosmetics, and have not been disappointed in them either.

  • Deandrea

    I bought the small jar of flake away…haven’t used it yet, but it smells divine.