Here Comes the Sun: Shine in these Skin-Saving, Summery Tops!

Nothing says summer like sun-kissed skin.  See ya, Spring (unofficially, but that’s fine with me and my mayo arms).  Hello, tanned skin!  Well, maybe not so fast.  Before we kick get-a-tan mode into high gear, let’s do our best to save our skin with summery tops.

While the rays feel awesome and the results make us smile (not to mention the sun’s dose of Vitamin D does us some good), too much of it can wreak havoc on our skin.  Peels, burns, the George Hamilton/Snooki/Tanning Bed Mom Effect . . . not sexy.  And it only gets worse here on.

I know, I know. Here I am raining on our tanned bod parade and mentioning stuff we’ve all heard a million times before, but admittedly, I still have moments where I blow off skin-saving measures.  Time to take it more seriously.  After all, we work hard on all that exfoliating and moisturizing, so why ruin it with blistery peels and wrinkling skin?

In addition to suntan lotion and using moisturizer (and lip balms) with a high SPF, certain tops can offer some skin-saving help.  From cute plaid numbers with built-in UV protection technology to sheer long sleeves, we’ve got it covered with tops that’ll keep us looking summery while keeping harmful rays at bay.  Bring it on!

Tops to Help Keep Rays at Bay

What tops will you try?  Let us know your thoughts or share your skin-saving tips in the comment section below!



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