Should You Wear Spanx During the Summer???

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The Lowdown: Recently, we’ve had deep discussions in regards to whether or not one should “Spanx” it up during the warm summer months. Personally, I’m not a big fan of wearing the shapewear during the summer- it’s hot and the last thing I want to do is be “overly packaged”. Frankly, when it’s 100 degrees outside, cellulite be damned.

However, I do understand that you do need some “packaging” underneath summer’s flimsy cotton jersey dresses and Spanx is the best (but expensive) way to “package you’re goods”. Use the above coupon for free US shipping (and oh for international peeps, the Spanx does ship internationally).

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  • Karen

    Spanx Skinny Britches are the way to go in the summer. Any binding garment of that type is not going to be the most comfortable in hot weather, but these are the best I have tried – they are lighter and more breathable than the regular Spanx. I live in Texas wear it’s pretty hot and I wore these to an evening 4th of July outdoor party without being too miserable.

  • Carla

    I wear my Spanx all summer long and I don’t believe that I have a choice. Summer dresses and skirts are often clingy and flimsy and don’t give you as much room for error as the clothes of the warmer months. If you jiggle, everyone sees it. While I hear you about not wanting to “girdle” up in the warmer months, I know that I simply cannot do without my Spanx. I’ve heard that Spanx has come out with a lighter weight version called Skinny Britches for girls who want something cooler when it’s hot. But I really haven’t had a problem with regular Spanx in summer. If virtually every place I go weren’t airconditioned then I might feel differently. But there are times when sitting there in my flimsy dress, I’m glad I have my Spanx on for warmth!

  • MsC

    Something else Spanx can do under summer dresses is prevent chafing if your thighs commit the sin of touching.