How to Shop Macy’s

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Macy’s has been a retail force long before any of us could say “Calvin Klein.” But the massive department store chain can leave wide-eyed shoppers feeling a little overwhelmed. To get a firm understanding of the untouchable retail giant, here’s what you need to know.

How to Shop Macys

Not All Macys Are Created Equal
Not every Macy’s store is created equal. While you can drool over Louis Vuitton on 34th street, don’t get your hopes up for being able to do so anywhere else in the U.S. Most Macy’s locations are designed to appeal to the masses, which means they carry a lot of more budget-friendly lines. But every Macy’s will have a few designer lines represented, especially when it comes to handbags and other accessories. Coach and Dooney and Burke can be found in nearly every store, as well as selections of higher end denim and shoes. Because Macy’s sells so many of these items across the nation, you can often get them for a lower price here than at smaller boutiques and chains. So while you’re loading up on sale cardigans and kitchen appliances, leave room for a little splurge.

Check Online for Deals and Promotions
Macy’s is always offering a good deal on something, so check the website often for the latest promotions and discounts. From free shipping to free gifts with a purchase, it pays to check before heading into the store.

Tune into Macy’s TV
If you scroll down to the bottom of the Macy’s website, you’ll see a teeny tiny icon for a big resource. Macy’s TV features Backstage Pass, which is your go-to destination for fashion advice and beauty secrets. Watch videos outlining the latest trends and choose from interviews with your favorite designers. Forlorn shoppers can get the advice they need from this cool feature. And of course, for any other tips, you’ve got TBF.

Shop the Gift Guide
No idea what to get your picky mother-in-law or the dad who has everything? No worries here, as Macy’s has already picked out gifts for you. Their Gift Guide features selections for people of all ages as well as featured beauty, home and special occasion presents.

Sign up for Macy’s Deals
It takes about two minutes to sign up for e-mails from Macy’s, and it can save you a lot of money. Receive offers on free shipping and discounts for in-store and online purchases– deals non-members have no idea about. Fill out the brief form, and watch as the $25 and 40% off coupons start rolling in.

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  • Vicki

    I can attest to the “not created equal” part. The closest Macy’s to me is just 30 miles north of me in a college town. They hardly have any of the big name brands and a majority of their petite section is grandma clothes. I have to go at least twice as far for a Macy’s with a good selection. Two Macy’s stores I’ve shopped in have very friendly and helpful staff particularly in their shoe departments. If you need shoes while in either Greenwood, Indiana or downtown Cincinnati I highly recommend these Macy’s.

  • Devin

    What about one day sales etc????

  • t

    i travel quite a bit. on my out-of-town shopping sprees can never go wrong perusing the sale and clearance sections in macy’s. i have scored some really cheap finds from shoes, to kids clothes, to fashion jewelry. 😉