Fashion Advice: Where I Shop in LA

Dear Budget Fashionista I hate wearing something and then going somewhere and finding someone across the room wearing the same thing! LA is such a great place for shopping! Where can I go to find great clothing at a reasonable price and not have to worry about running into someone with my outfit?

A: There are two places I head every time I’m in LA.

One is the Last Chance Boutique in Culver City. They have an amazing selection of pieces from top designers like Vivenne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, and Catharine Malandrino for well below retail price- not the same mass-produced terry cloth items you see everywhere else. Also try the Lisa Kline Outlet, which has a great selection and is near other Melrose stores. If you are a bit creative, you could head to the FIDM scholarship store downtown. Everything is dirt cheap (a buck or so), but the store is a bit junky You definitely need some sewing skills to repair some of the garments.

Got some other LA shops I should check out? Send me an email.

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