Shop H&M Online Soon

What: We’ve got a special place in our heart reserved for H&M, and now that we may be able to shop for our favorite diffusion lines and trends online…well, we’re in love. Rumor has it that H&M will launch an online storefront for the US. To date, Americans have to purchase everything in store.

What They Say:

H&M would prove to be stiff competition for some of our favorite online vendors, such as Forever21, Topshop, and especially Urban Outfitters, as the potential site could not only serve up its affordable styles, but their covetable accessories as well.

What We Say: Watch out Forever 21, you’ve got company! This could be the great “fashion equalizer”, as we all know that the type of merchandise available at H&Ms vary widely between locations. We’re way excited about this possibility, but we’ll wait to jump for joy until everything’s confirmed.

Are you a big H&M fan but you don’t live near a store?


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