Shop Excess Baggage: Site Review

Generally excess baggage is a bad thing but when it refers to items on sale, well, that’s a horse of a different color. We recently took a look at a website called to see what it was all about.

Our Review: We perused for a while, checked out some goods and, well, this site doesn’t strike us as much different than any other online discount designer site. We know it takes a lot to differentiate yourself these days on the internet and perhaps we’re jaded as a very seasoned shopper, but the things that would propel us to a site time and again, just weren’t there for us.

Okay that’s not totally true. There were discounts. You all know we love those and they surely keep us coming back for more. What this site lacks, in our opinion, are good designers. They had a few we recognized, C&C California, Slendid and Custo Barcelona (though there were no Custo items actually on sale when we checked), but most of the others were foreign to us. This site is based out of L.A. so maybe it’s a Los Angeles designer thing? You tell us.

It’s not all bad. We do like that there isn’t a ticking clock on when these deals disappear. Removing this sense of urgency means people aren’t going to freak out and buy up all the good stuff as soon as the sale begins. Also, most of the brands weren’t astronomically priced to begin with so with the discount you can get some good deals.

Verdict: Take it or leave it. We saw some cute apparel, but until they get more inventory and better designers, there’s no need to bookmark this one.

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