Sexiest Spring Hair Styles: Start Now!

Can’t wait for spring? No matter where you are: east-coast cold, west-coast summer, or somewhere in between—feel renewed with these awesome dos.

Try These Now: Sexy Hairstyles for Spring!

Beachy Up-Do’s.


Always some of the super easiest, I love this no-muss no-fuss looks. I always recommend washing your hair at night, sleeping on it, and blow-drying it to a messy finish with some “beach hair” product. Then, grab pins and bring it half-up, or all the way back, or even just one-sided.

Messy Buns.


Start with a finished top and leave the mess to the bun or gather it messy for the entire way. Either way, pull hair in to a high pony. Wrap around, and pull the end through. Secure with pins, a hair tie, or my fav -a chopstick.

Sleek Part. 


Some days, it just feels super good to keep your hair clean and straight. Break out the flat iron, and opt for a straight part that cuts right down the middle. Good for serious days at work, or just a clean-and-simple do for a night out.

Romantic Braid. 

thick bai

So pretty and easy! You can do this straight down the back, or sweep it to the side. Either way, keep it loose and easy-going. Braid and secure with  a ribbon or tie. Voilà!