Super Serveware for a Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is right around the corner.  Yay!   Time to break out the red plastic cups and last week’s popcorn bowl while we watch the game (and the commercials), right?  Please.  Don’t.

For ladies planning a big game party at home, why not dish up some super Super Bowl party serve-ware?  Translation:  some different Super Bowl party serveware.  Sure, the day is all about being casual, but using the same platters and plastic cups for every birthday, ladies’ night in and celebration can become ho-hum.  Have some fun with each occasion by swapping the usual items for more festive, exiting ones.

Seriously.  Paper plates, no matter how sturdy and sectioned they are, just don’t scream Super Bowl party fun.  Plus, lining six of them around the table clutters the area and looks kinda silly, when one platter can do the trick.

Super Bowl Party Serveware that’s . . . Super!

I’m not talking about ginormous platters with team logos or dip bowls decorated with footballs.  What we scoped out is serveware that’s colorful, fun and perfect for Super Bowl foods like popcorn and chili.  Functional and festive!

Enjoy game day, ladies!

Do you prefer paper plates at your Super Bowl party?  Or are you tired of the same ‘ole and ready to change things up?  Let us know in the comments section below.



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