Sandals for Those With Large Feet

The Deal: Shop Zappos for Clearance Shoes & Clothing!

The Lowdown:Big footed sisters you’re not alone in the world of shoes. Paris Hilton wears a size 11. Most models wear a size 11 (some a 12). According to an article in the online magazine Slate, 41s and 42s are two of the best selling sizes for uber luxury shoe brand Manolo Blahnik. In fact, The Professional Shoe Fitting Manual states the average American woman now wears a size 8.5-9 (up from size 6 in the 1960s). What does this mean for your feet? It means that you no longer have to have a closet full of sensible pumps and grandma walking shoes. One of our favorite spots for finding sandals for large feet is Zappos- which has a solid selection of stylih shoes in sizes 11 and up. Here’s a few our of favorites.


Our Picks:

Zappos Sandals

1. Bouquets – Anna Maria (Yellow Patent), $45
2. Touch Ups – Twilight (Gold), $47.66
3. Annie – Ean (Black Micro), $44.96

Zappos Sandals

4. Matisse – Naples (Bronze), $53.06
5. Soft Style – Asinda (Dark Brown Vietello), $53.10
6. Gretta – Genie (Rich Brown Doblow), $53.10

Zappos Sandals

7. Gabriella Rocha – Norberta (Purple), $53.96
8. Nine West – Ful Of Life (Red Patent), $60.38

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