10 Ruffle Dresses that Dazzle (Under $200)

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If you’re old enough to remember the Seinfeld episode about a pirate shirt, you know that ruffles, no matter how trendy, can go terribly wrong. Poor George destroys his promising hand-model career and Jerry gets mocked by Bryan Gumbel — all over an overly ruffled shirt.

And, since every shop in the mall is bursting with ruffles these days, it’s easier than ever to take a wrong step with the frill. I doubt you’ll get ridiculed by Bryan Gumbel for it, but you might end up with a one-hit-wonder dress that wears like a giant, shapeless duster. You definitely don’t want to receive party invites just because your ruffles inadvertently clean every table you pass by.

To keep you ruffling in style, I went shopping for 10 affordable, on-trend dresses for the fast-approaching holiday party season. All are priced under $200. Enjoy!

Ruffle Dresses for the Budget Fashionista

Wrapped Up Right


A classic wrap dress is flattering and never goes out of style (even when it’s adorned with the season’s hottest accoutrement).

Sleek and Strapless

Ruffles don’t have to be layered or fluffy to have impact. A bold color, simple styling and oh-so-gentle nod to the ruffle trend make for a sexy, versatile dress that’ll turn heads.

Midi Masterpiece

Show off your hourglass figure with this midi dress that’s pinched in at the waist. The ruffle down the front and around the hemline draws the eye without adding width to your shape.

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