Ricky’s NYC Ceramic Fusion Rollers: Product Review

What: Angela attempts to turn up the volume with Ricky’s NYC Ceramic Fusion Rollers

The Lowdown: Having been cursed with thin, fine hair, I’m always looking for ways to amp things up a bit. I’ve never been a big fan of rollers in general, but figured these “ceramic magnetic” rollers sounded pretty high tech, so what have I got to lose?

Turns out, about an hour of my life that I’ll never get back again. First, finding very little information on the package about what makes them so special—or even how to use them—I went online, and found not a whole lot more. We all know “ceramic” is big in the hair tool world at the moment, but I never did find out what the “magnetic” part is all about. And since the rollers themselves appear to be ordinary plastic—with what may or may not be a thin coating of “ceramic”—I can’t even begin to create a theory.

Still, looks aren’t everything, so I gave them a shot. Rolled up some sections of damp hair, pulled out the blow dryer, and did my thing. Unfortunately, the rollers didn’t do their thing. After drying, pulled the rollers out, and all I was left with was, well, my regular hair, with a little bump where the clips required to hold the rollers in place were. Fun.

The Verdict: Nay. Sure, they’re cheap (around $4.99 for a set of three) but you’ll be better off taking that five spot and putting it towards a product that actually works.

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