Ribbon Napkin Rings: DIY

Just like the little black dress can take on multiple personalities with different accessories, so can the simple white napkin. By changing up the “jewelry” creative rings give napkins many different looks.

Instead of Grandma’s formal silver rings (save them for Thanksgiving), try a variety of cookie cutters for the shiny effect at the table. Licorice strips twist up well for a birthday party while thick, sturdy boating rope ties in a nautical theme for a summer soiree. Tip on these: burn the ends of the rope so they don’t fray!

Ribbon Napkin Rings
Having one go-to ring in the repertoire can offer a base for adding in more accessories and name cards. Simple ribbon rings like the ones up top, which along with the cookie cutters come from Martha Stewart Living, do the trick.

What you need:

Napkins: Invest in a set of good white linen like these Hotel Napkins ($36) or stock up flour sack towels ($10) which do double duty as flexible napkins—both from Williams-Sonoma.
1 yd. ribbon (or several if you want to use different patters)
Fabric Glue


  1. Cut ribbons in 6-inch strips.
  2. Fold in half with the pattern on the outsides.
  3. Glue flat.
  4. Roll the end over to form a loop and glue edges down.
  5. Slide dry ring over a rolled up napkin.

Once you’ve mastered the technique it’s easy to set an entirely different table with another material. Eyelet is a fresh and formal alternative as shown below from Martha Stewart Weddings. We think this would work perfectly for bridal showers too.

For further accessorizing, check out this video where one woman takes tucks place cards made with brown bags and sharpies into the freshly tied napkin. Next thing you know you’ll be tucking in chopsticks on Chinese night and Hawaiian umbrellas for the luau and candy canes at Christmas.

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